Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Okay Then!

Obviously I'm not good at keeping up with my blog. But hey I still post! -looks at Morgan's blog- Anyways!

Easter Weekend was last weekend! I gladly went home and spent some well deserved time with my parents. Morgan dragged me to Weber State so I could meet her English teacher. I can't wait till she comes down here to SUU. After that my sister-in-law brought Kyle and Tyler over and eventually Scott came over too. It was nice to see them because they were headed to Kamas for their easter.

Saturday I had an appointment to see the owner of Burger Bar and I will be working their again this summer. I'm excited and can't wait. Then during the day I went and talked with my awesome friend Kaylee who also helped me to figure out scanners to do my Creative Writing portfolio. Now if only I can finish it. Then even later, we went to go and see Jeremy and Socorro's new house. They moved out into Hooper and their house is huge and amazing! I'm going to miss them though. In the evening, Mitch and Chelcie came over! I was so excited because I hadn't seen them since like Christmas! It was nice to catch up and I even offered Mitch my iPod when I buy my new one. (But now the lock on my iPod is shorting out so I feel bad. :( I'll just have to tell him.)

Sunday was quick. My parents didn't want me to leave until we had Easter dinner so we had it at like noon. After I was full up on gas, good food, and packed, I left. It wasn't such an exciting trip and I really wished that we had gotten Monday off too.

This week has gone by kind of slow. I'm almost done with my chemistry lab and I have a chemistry test this Friday. Oh and it also turns out that I will be staying a week later in Cedar City to help out at work, which I don't mind because I told my grandparents I was staying with Nataly. They weren't happy and my grandma tried to convince me to stay at their house but my grandpa came and basically said you do what you want. I also found out some apartment details for next fall and hopefully will be getting into the same apartment as Nataly.

Well that's it. I don't want to bore you with how much I want out of my grandparents house and how some friends are being douche bags. I do that all the time. So have a good one, and until next time!

Monday, March 29, 2010

I Know, I Know

It's been awhile, but I can explain. The week after I posted was spring break so I went home! The saturday after I got home, I went and saw Shutter Island with my mom and Morgan. It was such a crazy awesome movie and Leonardo DiCaprio was awesome! Monday-Wednesday was spent helping my mom out at her school. Her kids are so cute and funny! I can't wait to help out again whenever I'm up there. Thursday-Friday I hung out with my friends Meranda and Kaylee. It was fun because they have to be my bestest friends in the whole wide world! We actually saw Meranda I think on Tuesday at her work in the mall. We spent like two hours just sitting and talking with her! It was awesome. Also on Tuesday I got my hair cut! Don't worry I'll post a picture when I'm on my lap top. (School computer) So then we got Meranda over for a movie night and we watched Ponyo, Darren Shan's a Vampire's Assistant, and The Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day. They were all good movies! It was so much fun. But on Thursday Morgan and I went shopping with our friends Meranda, Kaylee, and Brooke. I didn't buy a lot of stuff because I was trying to limit my spending, but it was nice to see Brooke. Then on Friday, Morgan, Kaylee and I went to breakfast and then we met up with Meranda in the afternoon to go and see Alice in Wonderland in 3D. That is such a good movie but I wasn't feeling good so it kind of made me nauseated. So for the rest of Friday I was a zombie. Saturday came around and I made Morgan go take me and get a slurpee. MADE HER. After that I started feeling better but then Sunday I had to go back to Cedar City.

OHMIGOSH I was not even back for thirty minutes and my grandparents made me flee! I told them I had to go and get gas in my tank and get food. So I escaped and took as much time as I could. Later that night, we went out for Ice Cream and my grandma asked if my friend Nataly was going to school her yet. (Remember: Nataly has been going to SUU since the beginning of Spring Semester). I just answered the question, paying more attention to what I was listening to but then my grandpa just blew up on her! He told her that he wanted her to think before speaking because she knew that Nataly was down here. Then my grandma gave my grandpa the silent treatment. It was actually kind of scary!

The week after spring break was kind of blah. I didn't want to go back to school. I practically made myself get up. But I did and on Monday I went to Nataly's house and hung out with her and talked up a storm. Tuesday my chemistry lab got done an hour early and rather than have my grandparents interrogate me on why I was home early, I stayed at school and did some homework. But eventually I had to go home because I had visiting teachers coming over. Wednesday I went to Nataly's house, then Enrichment night, then back to Nataly's house. We planned an awesome sleepover and bugged our friend Pierce who's two apartments down from Nataly. Thursday I went home and did nothing because I had NO motivation. But the good thing about last week was that on Wednesday my Creative Writing class was cancelled and then on Friday my chemistry class was cancelled! It was awesome and I loved it!

Now onto Friday Night. Thursday I got paid so Friday I had to go and get a prescription from wal-mart and I met up with Nataly, her friend (and now my friend as well :]) Anthony, and our other friend Kallie. I got my prescription and also bought me the coolest blanket! It's a Marvel Super Hero Squad blanket with Captain America, Iron Man, Spiderman, and Wolverine on it! I love it so much! But after that we went back to Nataly's apartment where Anthony cooked me chicken tenders and I ate like ten! Nom Nom Nom! Then Kallie came back from work and we went to the new pet store in town. We spent an hour and a half there playing with bunnies, watching snakes eat mice, holding spiders (I so did not!) and talking to a bird. This one guy asked if we wanted to hold an iguana with super sharp claws. Nataly and Kallie said no but I said: "I'm already lost enough fingers in my lifetime!" The look on that guys face was so funny and I didn't even explain about my awesome four fingeredness. It was funny! After that we got some more food stuff and we went back to Nataly's place. We got Pierce to join us again and we watched Wolverine, Twilight, New Moon, and Stick It. Okay so I have to say that I like the Twilight movies but only because they're stupid good like Spoofs and I love making fun of it. Like in New Moon Bella said that she was in love with two monsters and I piped up: "Yeah one that could suck you dry and one that could maul your face off." That and I got upset because the guy who plays the black haired Voltari vampire is Lucian from Underworld. He's a lycan dammit! He can't trade sides~ -sniff- I still love him though. We got done watching movies at like 2 in the morning but Nataly's roommate brought home a creepy guy so since Kallie's roommates were all gone for the weekend we went and slept over at her apartment! It was so much fun but I felt bad because me Nataly and Anthony just left at like nine. >.> Sorry kallie.

Anyways pretty much after that my weekend was boring and I did no homework. I have to say this last week really made me feel like a college student and I can't wait to get an apartment next semester with Nataly! Well that's it. See ya next monday!

Monday, March 8, 2010


I might just have to change the days I update my blog. -_- Monday's seem good! :D Anyways! last week was just full of tests! Chemistry on Monday and History and Math on Thursday. I was so brain fried! But good news: I PASSED MY CHEMISTRY TEST!!!!!! I GET TO STAY IN THE CLASS! YAYAYAYAYAYAYYAY! -does a little dance- But I'm still a little brain fried today. And it doesn't help that I did not sleep well.

The weekend was also good. On Friday I hung out with Nataly and we had a movie night. We watched The Ugly Truth, Orphan, Epic Movie, and District 9. OMG DISTRICT 9 WAS SO GOOD! Seriously considering since it was the first time I watched the movie! Sad part is I got it for Christmas. -_- Saturday was okay. Mary came over and we played Marvel Ultimate Alliance, but after that, I kind of blew up on my grandma. See the problem is: My grandma is slowly losing her marbles. Actually just her memory and I'm starting to lose my patience. (Remarkably though I still have it. O.o)

Earlier Saturday morning I helped my grandma by searching two flash drives for a Family Reunion letter. I tried so many searches and even searched manually. Then we decided to start a new one so we did. After I said goodbye to Mary, I noticed my grandma on her computer so I went in and asked her what she was doing. She had plugged in a flash drive and told me that she was going to look for the Family Reunion letter. I the heatedly told her we had already done that earlier. She then said "Oh well I'll just start a new one." Then I answered: "WE ALREADY DID!" And I stormed out and downstairs where I called my mother and demanded she called my aunt, her sister, in Texas. Something is wrong, my grandma's previous MRI must have been read wrong because SOMETHING IS WRONG. So now all I have to do is wait. -_-

Well that's all for my rant. From now on I'll be updating on Monday's so look for that! Bye!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Another Good Week

So here's to a good week and an upcoming weekend. This week was good but it went by slow! I spent half my time doing homework and when the next day would finally come. Now it's Friday and I'm so happy! A couple of friends and I are going to St. George today! Why? Because we want to go to the really big pet store and play with the puppies and other animals! Haha that's really the only reason. We're going to do a bunch of other stuff but that's our main goal: get to the pet store. This weekend it's supposed to snow all the time! Which is okay with me because I'm going to be spending the time studying for my chemistry test but I am currently tired of the snow. I just want it to be spring already! C'mon mother nature get with the program here! Everything has been going well so far. I'm getting a little impatient with my grandparents but that's expected right? Last night I spent an hour and a half just wandering around Wal-Mart because it felt so good to be out of their house. What wasn't good was the phone call I got from my grandmother right as I was opening the garage door. She asked if I was home yet and it took all of my self control not to yell: "DUH I JUST OPENED THE GARAGE!" I think they were afraid that I went somewhere and that I wasn't going to come back. But this is what I get for coming to a college where relative live. Next fall though I'm hopefully getting an apartment either by scholarship or by my own hard earned cash. So things will definitely go better and I won't feel bad for other people buying my food and soda. Just a couple more months with a few breaks thrown in between. Anyways!

My next Chemistry test is coming up!!! I'm so nervous but I've been doing so well in class! I finally got me an really cool TI-89 calculator that can do chemistry. I was going to buy it yesterday but had to buy it on monday because class that day was all about doing calculations! Now this really cool calculator has one problem: It's pink. I really wanted a blue one but all they had was pink but I really needed it so I just took it. Oh well. Now I'm all caught up and I really have this calculator to thank. So this weekend I'm going to be doing a lot of studying! Wish me luck because if I pass this test I get to stay in the class! If I don't, I have to drop with a W on my transcripts. :(

Another good thing that happened this week! It was Wednesday! It was my ward's enrichment night and it was all about healthy eating. We got to bring in a really good recipe and have other people try it out and make our own little recipe books. Now I didn't want to do anything real complicated because it was at 7 and I didn't get off work until 5 so I got a recipe from Cicily! It's a really good Italian Pasta Salad! And Cicily, it went great! Like half of it was gone and I'm slowly eating the rest! XD I was so excited to go and I got roped in to going to Sunday's session of Stake Conference. It's going to be my first real stake conference! I'm kind of excited.

Well that's all for my good news. See you next Friday! :D

Monday, February 22, 2010

Again I Forgot

I'm sorry! Tar and feather me later! Haha anyways last week was pretty good. School was school and I tried to stay out of my grandparent's house as much as possible. But that's not important! Move to: Friday! Last Friday I hung out with my friend Nataly. I just went over to her apartment right after I was done with class and we ate lunch and just talked. After a while we went up to her room and looked at Avon books because she sells Avon. Then we got talking about pets and how bad she wants just a fish. So we decided to go to Wal-Mart but before we did, we headed to a local pet store to look around. We wasted almost a half an hour just looking at all the animals there! I was looking at something else when Nataly came up to me and said "I caught a bunny!" And there was a bunny in her arms. It was so fun! After that we headed to Wal-Mart and guess what! Wal-Mart's order of Beta fish froze! So they had no betas! But the lady we talked to was nice and she tried to get us both to hold a crab and we were like: "Uh no see ya!" Then we wandered about and headed back to her apartment. But as soon as we got to her apartment, we had to go to Wal-Mart again. We had to get stuff for Grasshopper Shots! Now I know that there are many names to this, but I was told Grasshopper shots. It was so much fun! We had like five, got sick, and watched the Fifth Element. On Saturday, I went to the movies with my grandma. We saw Dear John. It was a pretty good movie. It was cool that it followed mostly the guy character instead of the girl character. I give props to Nicholas Sparks. But I'm still wary about seeing The Last Song because, I'm sorry to say this, I really really don't like Miley Cyrus. Don't ask because I'll get into a small rant about it. Then of course Mary came over and we played Marvel Ultimate Alliance and then Nataly came over and both of them stayed for dinner. Then on Sunday I went to church, paid my tithing, and got invited to a sleep over. Life is going to be good! :D But this week is going to be busy! I have something going on every night at seven. Ug but I guess that's what I get for being a student. Well farewell and here's the stuff for grasshopper shots! See ya!

Here are the ingredients for Grasshopper Shots:
1 Package of Grasshopper cookies
1 Package of Hot Chocolate Mix
1 Can of Spray whipped cream

What you do:
Bite off a little of one end of the cookie then bite off a little of another end.
Sip hot chocolate through the the cookie
Throw it in your mouth
Spray whip cream in your mouth
And enjoy!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Presidents Day Weekend

This week has been so busy and so awesome! All my problems seemed to have fixed themselves and I'm just waiting to proof myself. Today I have a test in Chemistry and I'm just waiting to get an awesome score and show up my teacher. But I won't be all rude about it. ^_^ Anyways the good news is that I'm going home today! I'm heading up with my friend Nataly who said she would drive so I was all over that. So at two thirty today we'll be on the road and I'll be home. I have a tone of plans to do and I can't wait to hang out with my family and friends. Of course my whole family worries about me but I just shrug it off. I know we'll be safe. One awesome thing happened this week! On Wednesday I got home from school and walked into my grandparents house and there was a package for me. I kind of looked at it and poked at it and asked if it was mine. Of course it was mine, but I like to ask obvious questions. So I open it and I find inside an awesome cool blue Spiderman shirt, a large sucker, a pin with a hand heart on it, and a coconut ring. There was also a card in it so I opened the card and it was my mom saying that my family missed me and to be happy when school and life give me issues, oh and when my body gives me issues XP. The ring was from a friend named Justin who had gone to Costa Rica, the sucker was from my friend Kaylee who said it was for my birthday, the pin was from my sister, cause hand hearts are our thing, and the shirt was from my parents. It was a good pick-me-up from the bad week I had had previously. Needless to say I can't wait to get home and give everyone a proper thank you. Until next time my friends. Have a good President's Day Weekend! :D

Friday, February 5, 2010


Yes this is how I feel. I also need to finish my little story from Monday. I was rereading my post and noticed that I didn't finish telling about what happened with my story. Haha so anyways I write this little story quip thinking that of it'll distract people. My sister comments on it and then this kid who I hardly know tells me it's too much Tell and not enough Show. First off I think of Tell as going on about a back story, explaining pasts and what not, and show as just telling the moment. After I basically tell this kid to F off and explain how this isn't a tell piece but a show piece, he proceeds to tell me that my form isn't right and that my dialogue isn't separated. Only one person spoke in my story, it was separated in its own little paragraph about the person. So not only am I pissed off but I'm wondering where this kid, who reads anime and whines like an emo about his life and girlfriend, has the gall to judge my writing. And to top it all off he gives me this crappy piece about this kid running. It was full of incomplete sentences, bad spelling and grammar. and I had no clue who They were that demanded that the kid join them. He asked me if it was a good starting piece. I basically said no. But now onto the rest of this week,

IT WAS HORRIBLE! I'm so stressed and my life has just tanked! I have not gotten any good sleep, I'm in pain all the time, and I flunked my first chemistry test. So all of Wednesday I cried my eyes out because my teacher told me that if I don't pass the next test I should consider dropping the class. I freaked out and have probably worried my mother to death and to top it all off, I still feel like crap. But it's gotten better. Yesterday my coworker bought me a Noodle bowl from Teriyaki or whatever it's called. She was so nice about it that I just smiled and thanked her a lot. I also now have a grip on how to pass my next chemistry test. Hopefully I can pass and tell my teacher: "SEE! I AM SMART!" But we'll see what happens. Another thing My Life Is Average is an awesome site. Not only is it funny, but it has made me feel a whole lot better. I think I'll post that on MLIA. Hopefully it'll make people who post on it a whole ton happier than they already are.

NEXT WEEKEND I GET TO GO HOME! I can't wait! It's president's day weekend and I'm planning on doing a lot of stuff with friends. Last three day weekend I got sent home on Sunday because the weather was going to be bad. Hopefully this next weekend I can actually stay until Monday. Okay well have to go and start my Prose for Creative Writing. It's about this kid who watches and aspiring MMA fighter practice in the rain. Why he practices in the rain is something I have not figured out yet. ^_^